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Kids with Diabetes, Inc. operates several programs for kids with diabetes and their families. Please visit the pages for each of our programs, and check back often – we always have new programs being planned!

The Fun for Type 1 Playgroup is a monthly support group for kids and families with diabetes. At each meeting, there are games, fun activities, and informative guest speakers. It is a wonderful way for the kids to recognize they are not the only one in the world with diabetes. Parents and caregivers can share ideas, triumphs, and tribulations of daily life with a chronic disease.

The New Kids program provides a helping hand during the critical time immediately after diagnosis. The child is provided an age-appropriate gift basket or cooler filled with diabetes care supplies, emergency snacks, and helpful information.

A very big Thank you! to Ms. Susan Ellis, Bayer Diabetes Specialist, and Bayer Diagnostics, for their generous donation of Rufus Diabetes Bears, Bayer blood glucose monitors, and children’s diabetes books which are used in the New Kids program gift baskets and coolers.

The Teen Mentors Program provides the teenager with diabetes help during this difficult age. Older teens and young adults with diabetes use their life experiences to provide a positive role model for younger kids entering their teenage years.

The Sharps Collection Program provide a safe, easy way to properly dispose of full sharps containers. At each Fun for Type 1 playday, full sharps containers may be exchanged for empty containers. The full sharps containers will be taken to the Ventura County Sanitation District disposal site.

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